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St Petersburg Document Shredding

At St Petersburg Document Shredding, our mission is to provide economical shredding options for offices and homes throughout St Petersburg. We understand the need to handle your sensitive records with extreme care. With several shredding options, your get the right service based on your documents, volume, security, and budget.

About St Petersburg Document Shredding

St Petersburg Document Shredding offers numerous shredding service options designed to go beyond your requirements for security and convenience at reasonable prices. Whether you have one box or one hundred boxes of papers, our contractors can get the job done quickly without interrupting your normal business operations.

Shredding documents with personal information is not an option for St Petersburg businesses these days. Federal and state laws in Florida prohibit careless disposal of employee and business records.

St Petersburg Document Shredding is compliant with all of the laws in place and will send you a certificate verifying each shredding job you send us has been properly and totally completed.

Don’t settle for any ordinary shredding service. Get the service that fits your needs and is cost-effective. St. Petersburg Document Shredding will send you multiple quotes for your area, whether you are in St. Petersburg or Tampa.

Residential Shredding in St Petersburg
Shredding services are no longer just for large businesses. Having a truck a come right to your doorstep can be a cost-effective way to destroy your information if you have several boxes of paperwork.

Don’t spend hours (or even days) feeding one paper at a time through your personal shredder. Have professionals come to you to get the job done quickly, affordably and securely.

Your security is our priority, and all of our contractor’s processes comply with all Florida and federal privacy laws. Our partners handle jobs ranging in size from one box to warehouses full of paperwork, and they can stop by as often as you need.

St Petersburg Document Shredding is your premier source for secure, reliable and quality shredding service options in the St Petersburg metro area.
For more information on St. Petersburg Document Shredding, give us a call at (727) 498-5313, or request a FREE quote today.

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Services Available in St Petersburg

On Site Shredding

Also called mobile shredding. Shredding trucks come to your home or business and destroy your confidential documents at your location. You watch the entire shredding process.

Off Site Shredding

This is a “pick up” service. Trucks pick up the documents at your office and the work is completed at a shredding plant. This is a great option for larger shredding projects that may take more time to shred.

Hard Drive Shredding

Physical destruction of magnetic media including hard drives, tapes, and CDs. Hardware is broken down and pieces are melted.

Document Scanning

Paper offices are a thing of the past. Our document scanning services are fast and affordable, allowing you to focus on what you do best during your transition to a paperless workplace.

St Petersburg Service Options

  • Ongoing Service – Daily, weekly, and monthly scheduled shredding service. You are given locked shred cabinets for office, you fill them up, and a driver stops by on a regular schedule to shred the contents.
  • Purge Service – Annual, one-time, or occasional shredding services. A driver comes to your location one time to shred your documents. Costs are calculated by volume.